Meatless Monday: Fail

Well, it was just one of those days! I never got around to making a dinner tonight, unfortunately. I had a hair appointment that went way longer than expected, and hubby thankfully took care of feeding the kiddos.

Usually on a night like this, in the past, I would have swung by the Wendy’s or Burger King and gladly scarfed down a burger and fries. I’ll be honest, since going vegetarian, there have been moments when I’ve missed this convenience. That being said, I don’t miss the food, and I don’t miss the idea of where the food comes from or what is in it. Part of me loves the idea of a juicy burger … I’ll admit to a slip here and confess that I took a bite out of my son’s burger a few days ago. I actually almost grimaced. Same burger from a local restaurant here whose food I’ve always LOVED, and there was nothing ‘wrong’ with it … it just … well … it’s meat. Didn’t like it.

Remember, I’m the Reluctant Vegetarian. I love meat … or maybe I used to? Not sure, but it was an odd moment for me.

Anyway, so, rather than spin by the fast-food joints, I ran into Target and grabbed the Archer Farms Zen Trail mix and some Pirate’s Booty. I know, they’re snack foods, but they filled my belly and did the job for now.

I think I’m going to need to come up with some quick-fix meals that aren’t hummus sandwiches (which I LOVE but eat all the time) and aren’t the frozen vegetarian patties (which I try to avoid if possible to keep away from the issue of soy overload).

So, no Meatless Monday recipe or meal today. On that front, it’s a fail. On the other, I didn’t cave and have a burger. That’s a win!

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Toddler’s Reason to Not Eat Animals

This child’s reasoning perfectly conveys the reasoning behind my decision to no longer eat meat: “We should take care of animals, not eat them.” How much simpler and more logical can you get than that? Remember when you thought that way, too? Remember the feeling you had when you realized that the meat you ate was once a living thing? I do. And I remember being grossed out by it. I also remember my family quickly rushing to condition me into accepting the idea that killing animals for my own benefit was OK. There’s probably a reason our first reaction to the idea of eating meat — once we realize how it gets to our plate — is disgust. Don’t get me wrong, I love meat. I love fried chicken. I love grilled steak. I just don’t love where it comes from or how it gets there.