Meatless Monday: Fail

Well, it was just one of those days! I never got around to making a dinner tonight, unfortunately. I had a hair appointment that went way longer than expected, and hubby thankfully took care of feeding the kiddos.

Usually on a night like this, in the past, I would have swung by the Wendy’s or Burger King and gladly scarfed down a burger and fries. I’ll be honest, since going vegetarian, there have been moments when I’ve missed this convenience. That being said, I don’t miss the food, and I don’t miss the idea of where the food comes from or what is in it. Part of me loves the idea of a juicy burger … I’ll admit to a slip here and confess that I took a bite out of my son’s burger a few days ago. I actually almost grimaced. Same burger from a local restaurant here whose food I’ve always LOVED, and there was nothing ‘wrong’ with it … it just … well … it’s meat. Didn’t like it.

Remember, I’m the Reluctant Vegetarian. I love meat … or maybe I used to? Not sure, but it was an odd moment for me.

Anyway, so, rather than spin by the fast-food joints, I ran into Target and grabbed the Archer Farms Zen Trail mix and some Pirate’s Booty. I know, they’re snack foods, but they filled my belly and did the job for now.

I think I’m going to need to come up with some quick-fix meals that aren’t hummus sandwiches (which I LOVE but eat all the time) and aren’t the frozen vegetarian patties (which I try to avoid if possible to keep away from the issue of soy overload).

So, no Meatless Monday recipe or meal today. On that front, it’s a fail. On the other, I didn’t cave and have a burger. That’s a win!


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