The Tempeh Challenge

Okay, so I recently trashed tempeh. Then, I went grocery shopping yesterday and went and picked up some more. I not only got more tempeh, I also went and got ‘bacon-style’ tempeh.

My tempeh purchase for the week ...

My tempeh purchase for the week …

If you’ve read my ‘about’ page, you know that this fake meat business just irks me. My biggest issue is the irony of it all. The thing is — we’re vegetarian. If we’re supposed to be at peace with our choice, we wouldn’t or shouldn’t be constantly trying to recreate the foods that we have decided to leave behind.

That being said, dammit, I miss bacon. I also miss things like having an awesome BLT. So, if someone can make the hated tempeh taste like bacon and yet not BE bacon, why wouldn’t I eat it?

As I unpacked my groceries and paused to look at my pack of bacon tempeh and plain tempeh, I wondered what I’m doing wrong to make this stuff taste so awful. Obviously, someone out there likes this stuff. Obviously, there is some redeeming quality to this.

I usually turn my nose up at these kinds of things. I am however missing bacon in a big way, and am also trying to find some redeeming qualities of tempeh.

I usually turn my nose up at these kinds of things. I am however missing bacon in a big way, and am also trying to find some redeeming qualities of tempeh.

So, I decided to undertake the Tempeh Challenge. I’ve started looking up some information here and there on the tricks of the trade when it comes to this stuff. The way I’ve been preparing it hasn’t worked. Even recipes from well-established bloggers using tempeh haven’t wowed me. So, I’m branching out. Thus far, I’ve found a couple of suggestions that seem to make sense, and they draw upon some of the roots and traditions of this soy product. Hopefully, I’ll find in my experiments a few uses for this food that I’ve found distasteful.

Sometime this week, I’ll post about my TLT (tempeh-lettuce-and-tomato) adventure. I’ll start small.

Let’s see where this challenge will take me.


3 thoughts on “The Tempeh Challenge

  1. proud of you for giving tempeh another go! it is really the most versatile ‘meat sub’ (and this is coming from another veggie who HATES meat subs 😉 ). when you crumble it up, it has endless possibilities. if you’re a previous carnivore, you can use tempeh crumbles the exact same way you would ground meat. i like to crumble it in pasta sauce, bbq for sloppy joes, meatloaf, meatballs, ect! here’s a recipe for breakfast sausages you might like! enjoy tempeh! (it’s soo much better than tofu!) 😉

    • Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and for the link to your recipe for breakfast sausage. I’ll definitely do some experimenting, and undoubtedly over time I’ll figure out how to handle tempeh properly!
      Edited to add that I just visited your blog, and it is just great! I love it, I’m sure I’ll be checking it out a LOT for recipes and ideas and more. Thanks again!

      • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it!!! If you have any questions, feel free to email me: ascensionhouseorganics @ gmail dot com. I’m a seven year veggie, so there’s not much I haven’t tried.. Successfully or otherwise!!! Glad I found your blogs, too! 🙂

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