Test Tube Meat: Thoughts?


So this story came out. I find it a) gross, b) confusing, c) scary.

Gross because … it’s meat in a tube. Confusing because as a vegetarian who loves to eat meat and misses it, I feel like I should be OK with it, but I’m not. Scary because it makes me think of that sci-fi novel “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley and I worry this brings us that much closer to being able to breed humans (and other life forms) in test tubes.

Is it OK to have meat in a tube?

I really do want to know how others, vegetarian or not, feel about this.

What do YOU think?


2 thoughts on “Test Tube Meat: Thoughts?

  1. Ugh no no no. I have become a vegetarian more because of the link between animal protein and different types of cancers and heart disease. This article screams unnatural and I can already see the headlines of “Test Tube Meat Causes Cancer” now… Ugh.

  2. I hear ya Ani. Like we need one more artificially and mass-produced food item out there, right? Interestingly, one of my highly animal-activitist-oriented friends is very much for this, though. Her argument being that anything that reduces the number of animals killed is good with her.

    I’m more in your camp, I have to say. Artificial food, why do we need it? My feeling is that we just don’t. Most things produced artificially like this inevitably gets linked to high pollution, and high health risk.

    People need to make a break from what they grew up with as their ‘cultural norm’ and get comfortable with the idea that plants provide us all we need, and is much more sustainable. The growing of these plants is also less damaging and pollution-causing.

    That coming from me, who cherished a beautiful steak, and still has a hard time not drooling when she smells a good roast cooking.

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