A Call For Crock Pot Recipes!

It’s August and for teachers like myself and my husband, this officially marks the beginning of the end of summer. We’re no longer in 100% vacation mode. Like millions of teachers around the country, in the backs of our minds is a little inner voice nagging: “I gotta get ready for school.”

We are dwelling on lesson plans, changes we need and want to make to our curricula, and getting excited for decorating our classrooms and buying new highlighters and markers with the little bit of summer pay that we have left. At least, I get excited for that part!

My Pinterest feed is littered with classroom planning pins that my friends and co-workers are searching out … and I’ve been looking around for and pinning the same. I’ve also been trying to think a little ahead to what our schedule is going to look like, and what meal-making is going to be like once we’re back to school. Meatless Monday is going to have to be an adventure in making crock-pot meals as my daughter will have ballet class right after school. We’ll be bolting out of the school doors as soon as I can, rushing to her ballet class (a 30-minute drive), I’ll sit and correct papers (or something) in the lobby while she takes her class for an hour and a half, scoop her back up, rush home to arrive around 5 p.m. or so (if I’m lucky), drop my bags, and throw dinner on the table. I’m really not looking forward to this!

I’ve been searching out some veggie/vegan crock-pot meals, and I’m not sure I’m in love with a lot of what I’m finding out there. This is probably because I’m trying to keep my family’s (and my) requirements in mind while I search. They are:

1) No soups. We are not a ‘soup for dinner’ kind of family. I love soups for lunch, but with a growing boy and meat-eating husband, soup just won’t cut it at dinner. Even when paired with bread and salad. Believe me.

2) None of this ‘meat crumbles’ business. That falls into the category of having the highly-processed, mass-produced soy products in my food, which I don’t like. Also, it’s that ‘meatless meat’ thing that I’m not fond of.

3) Nothing too spicy or ‘too exotic.’ My husband and I love curries and lots of spices, by my kids aren’t as big on it. Whatever I find should be kid-friendly (though oddly, they will eat tofu and other Japanese foods … probably because they’re a little more used to that stuff because of my background).

I think that’s it. I’m going to keep hunting and pecking, but I’d really love some ideas for dishes that some of you all have tried and loved!


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