Happy Non-Turkey Day, haha!

My plan was to have a clever post all set to go with my idea for a Thanksgiving inspired stuffed mushroom recipe that I had concocted in my head to share with you. Well, it never happened, as you can well see.

I am thankful for my smart, funny kids who have amazing imaginations and senses of humor. As seen here.

I am thankful for my smart, funny kids who have amazing imaginations and senses of humor. As seen here.

I hope those of you out there sharing this holiday with your families today totally enjoy yourselves. While my plan for making myself a meatless main dish never came to be, I know that I’m going to totally enjoy the meat-free sides that are on the table. And, when you’ve got as immense of a gathering as we always have (we easily gather around 35-40 people or so altogether on this day), there is more than enough of everything to go around.

For a while, I did worry about “Wow, what if stuff has butter in it? What if they made stuff using chicken stock? Or eggs?” and then I remembered, that my approach to going meat-free was going to take control and responsibility only for what I am able to. When we have a huge gathering like this, I can’t a) make a whole meal for myself. Let’s face it, I can barely pull together two dinners a week as it is, I’m not going to reasonably make myself a vegetarian dinner for one in the space of one day; and b) I’m not about to piss off 39 people who took time out of their busy schedules to make a delicious dish. My goal was never to make others change their habits. Just me. And I have, and I still will.

While I am thankful for many, many things, including a patient loving husband, two beautiful, smart, funny kids, goofy chocolate lab and four “too cool for school” kitties, I am also thankful for the change I’ve made in my eating habits. Just in making the change that I have, I’ve positively impacted those around me. They haven’t drastically changed their lifestyle, and I don’t expect or necessarily want them to.

While I skirt around the meated dishes on the table today, I’ll be quietly enjoying and appreciating all the delicious foods that are all around them.

I believe it was the comedian Mo Rocca who pointed out in an interview that, the best foods at Thanksgiving, to him, isn’t the bird. It’s all the amazing sides that people make. I heartily agree. (I tried to find the video clip I’m referring to here, and couldn’t!)

I’ll be happy to have mashed potatoes, stuffing (which we thankfully don’t actually stuff into the bird), green bean casserole, scalloped corn, pies and cakes and best of all — amazing company and lots of laughs.

I am so thankful for what I have. I hope you all find the same comfort in who and what surrounds you on this day, whether you’re celebrating this North American holiday today or not.

Much joy to you all.