Meatless Monday: Unexpectedly Delicious Lentil Loaf!

So this is the first weekend that I’ve felt I have the time or anything to update this blog … Argh! I’ve got a few recipes and reviews lined up, so don’t give up on me yet 😉 Our schedule is still insane and I’m still finding it pretty challenging to find time to sit and make home made vegetarian dishes, but I have been persevering … not without some struggles, but it’s been going!

This lentil loaf was so good, I even made a lentil loaf sandwich out of it with the leftovers! So yum!

This lentil loaf was so good, I even made a lentil loaf sandwich out of it with the leftovers! So yum!

We all know how I feel about “meatless meat,” and whenever I heard people talking about lentil loaf, I’d imagine this bland, pasty sad block of mush. From what I hear, that’s usually what you get, too.

Then, I came across this recipe that SWORE this wasn’t your usual lentil loaf. Since I was on the market for something new (I’ve been finding vegetarian main dishes that aren’t soups or stir-fries hard to come by), I figured, “why not?”

The risk was more than worth it! I was never the hugest fan of meat loaf anyway, but this stuff was really good! Even my daughter, who hates anything that comes from a plant, loved it and asked for seconds! Which I happily gave her, because it’s so rare that she ever ingests anything other than a starch or meat.

When I first made this recipe (I’ve made this twice now), I was lacking mushrooms and it didn’t hurt the recipe a bit. I also messed up and cooked the loaf uncovered for 45 minutes instead of cooking it covered, then taking the foil off for the last few minutes of baking. It turned out just fine! So, it’s a “mess-up resistant” recipe as well.

EDITED TO ADD: The blogger who shared this recipe mentions a couple of time-saving measures. One that I’ve used that she didn’t mention, and that some others might not be so fond of because of the plastic packaging, is using frozen brown rice. I found this lovely invention in this frozen vegetables section of the grocery store. It has just enough in it for the recipe, with a little bit left over. You just toss it in the microwave for a few minutes, and done! No need to cook it from raw for 40-plus minutes, which I personally don’t have. I’m sure many of us don’t.

This was my substitution for the "vegan Worcestershire sauce." It was delicious in this recipe!

This was my substitution for the “vegan Worcestershire sauce.” It was delicious in this recipe!

Finally, I lacked “vegan Worcestershire sauce” so used the Japanese “Bulldog vegetable sauce” that I buy by the gallon. It worked perfectly and added a really delicious flavor to the recipe too. I was also very happy to find, after reading the translated list of ingredients, that this sauce is in fact vegan! Yay!

So, if you’re someone who’s sworn off of lentil loaf, I highly recommend you try this one.

Here’s the link to the recipe, and let me know what you think!


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