Meatless Monday: Zucchini and Quinoa Fritters (with GF and Vegan options)

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Meatless Monday: Veggie Gyoza Remix!

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Meatless Monday: Black Bean Sweet Potato Fritters

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Meatless Monday: Crockpot Experiment #1

I’m a little late adding my Meatless Monday post, but wanted to make sure I got it done lest I start to slip!

This photo comes courtesy of

This photo comes courtesy of

This week’s recipe wasn’t one of my own, but a Pinterest find that I hoped would work … and it did! It was a vegetarian take on the stuffed peppers. It was perfectly satisfying: I always love the chew on wild rice (I used Zatarain’s mix) and the cheesiness was a perfect complement. The blend of spices suggested was perfect. Smoked paprika can be hard to come by (I had to really scour the spice aisle in my grocery store) but I think that if you were to add a little cumin to the blend it would work as well.

To make it vegan, you could easily leave out the cheese and not lose a darn thing. I actually forgot to include the cheese, and sprinkled some over the top about an hour left in the cooking time, and it was all good. Again, though, if it weren’t there, nothing would have been lost in the flavor or texture of this dish.

My kids picked at it, honestly, but I absolutely loved it and am definitely going to make it again. The kids can love the salad and potatoes I served along side it bahahaha!

Here’s the recipe for the smashing vegetarian stuffed peppers that I used this week:

I’ll be working with a few veggie/vegan crockpot recipes I come across so that I can have a few ready-recipes on hand for when school starts back up again. Next week, I’m planning a crockpot falafel recipe that I found on one of my favorite craft/cooking/crocheting blog sites.

If you have any favorite busy school night/crockpot vegetarian/vegan recipes you can share, let me know! So far I have about three recipes in mind that look good, and fit my criteria (no soups, nothing too spicy and somewhat kid-friendly although I’m not always super concerned about that as I’m a big believer in “try what’s on the table and eat what is served that you don’t totally hate”), but am coming up a bit short.

So, any suggestions you all have would be really appreciated. Thanks!!!

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