Recipe Review: Takeout Fake Out Vegetable Tofu Lo Mein and A Personal Fail

018I found this recipe via Pinterest (where else?) a few weeks ago and have been meaning to try it out. It sounded easy (it is) and quick (it is) and delicious (it is).

You can find the full recipe here at Hello Little Home. I took a spin through this very pretty blog, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it housed many vegetarian recipes that look really great. See, there’s a good reason to be addicted to Pinterest!

As I said, this dish was easy to put together, and would be a great go-to for a fast meal to feed a family on a busy weekday.

So, while I’m quite proud of this find and in general, how my take on this recipe turned out, I realized shortly after finishing up cooking that I ended up with two personal fails:

1) I said I was going to try to cut back on my soy intake because I had been eating so much pre-made food that is stuffed with soy … this recipe calls for tofu, which is, of course, soy. I also went and tried to add edamame … which is soy before it is turned into tofu or anything else. Speaking of edamame …010

2) I tried to improvise by adding edamame to my version of the recipe. Unfortunately, never having prepared edamame before, I didn’t realize the outer pod was well … fuzzy and tough. I thought I could just cook them up like regular beans and eat them, pod and all … nope nope nope nope nope. Can’t. Won’t do that again.

Otherwise, the recipe was really delicious, and like I said, really easy and quick to make. I improvised with the veggies because I didn’t have the cole slaw mix that was called for. I did, however, have plenty of – you guessed it – zucchini (who doesn’t have plenty of that this time of year?) and I shredded some carrots and used the onion and broccoli called for.

From what I see, it isn’t important which vegetables you use, because what really makes this dish is the sauce, which is a simple mix of vegetable broth, soy sauce (yep, more soy), sriracha, rice wine vinegar, sesame seed oil and corn starch. The 006flavor combination is savory and smoky with a bit of a bite from the sriracha. So good!

Oh, and be sure to take the time to drain and really fry up the tofu well. I loved the texture, and crisping up the tofu was key in having it kind of “catch” the sauce and hold on to it.

I recommend this recipe highly.

But not edamame in the pod. Don’t do that, unless you know what you’re doing and how to get the pods softer, haha!

So, after this soy-laden dish, I’m going to have to make up another no-soy meal here …. so off I go!

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Happy New Year!

My kids and their cousins peek into a fallen tree in hopes of catching a glimpse of a hibernating critter of some kind.

My kids and their cousins peek into a fallen tree in hopes of catching a glimpse of a hibernating critter of some kind.

Well our major festivities for the season have come to an end, and visits from families have come and gone. We’ve had such a great holiday season, which served to remind me how fortunate I really am.

I look back on 2013 with a sense of satisfaction, few regrets, amazingly. There are, though, one or two things I want to focus back on as we get ready to ring in 2014. I’m not a big fan of resolutions, but while contemplating how to better manage time again so I’m not as stressed out about things, I have come up with a couple of goals for myself:

1) Meditate again! I’ve completely stopped, and that’s bad. Bad because I like my ‘meditation mind’ much better than the mind I walk around with otherwise. While I’ve still retained some of the benefits of having discovered meditation a few years ago, I definitely feel the effects of not having practiced it in a while. When I meditate, pretty much everything else seems to fall into place.

2) Exercise again. Not sure why I stopped completely, other than I seem to have gotten back into the “I’m to tired to exercise” mindset. I seem to have forgotten that exercise actually makes me feel more energized, and that counter-intuitively, that it feels better to take a 30-minute walk after a long day at work than it does to sit down and sack out on the couch for the same amount of time.

A little bit of scenery from my neighborhood. Brother in law's barn in the distance.

A little bit of scenery from my neighborhood. Brother in law’s barn in the distance.

3) Pick up my studies again. This time, along with my kids who have expressed interest in learning more about Buddhism, too.

When I’ve got all those activities going, overall, my approach to stress and “too much stuff going on” is so much better. I think remembering that would have helped me a little more when things got really hairy this past fall.

Other than that, that’s it. I have so much that I’m happy about with 2013. I think the biggest change for me this year was my switch back to being vegetarian. There were a lot of important events this year, but rediscovering that again has been like finding an old friend. Coupled with my study of Buddhism, that choice has made so much more sense this time around and has strengthened my resolve to follow this path the way I have.

Have a happy New Year everyone. May 2014 be prosperous, fruitful and satisfying 🙂